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Monday, May 15, 2017

Default XAF configuration options and feature toggles

In short post, I would like to promote the Default XAF configuration options and feature toggles knowledge base article, which lists configuration options and settings that are specified in code generated by the most recent Solution Wizard version. In most cases, these options are feature toggles used to enable new features and functionality without affecting the existing applications behavior. Munsch

If your XAF application is created using an older version of the Solution Wizard, you can review the KB article and enable required features manually.

With v17.1, for better discoverability and more convenience, the Solution Wizard will set the default options in a common place - the InitializeDefaults method called in the YourSolutionName.Wxx/WxxApplication.xx files. This call is wrapped in a region and contains a link to the aforementioned KB article, which will be updated in the future.